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websites for sale

Searching the web for a website for sale? Look no further! Easyflipping.net is the internet’s fee free listing resource. Scroll through our database of available websites for sale to find the domain that meets your needs – and never pay a fee! Our easy to use search features will help you narrow down the available websites, giving you the options that are best suited for you. With a few simple clicks you’ll be able to see statistics of current site ownership, usage, price and bids. Create a watch list to keep an eye on the sites that interest you, and be alerted to change in activity on those sites. The techies at easyflipping.net have worked very hard to make sure that the site is easy to navigate and gives you the information you need quickly.

Buy a website

buy a website

There are a variety of reasons to purchase an established website: name recognition, similarity to an existing name, to drive traffic to a current site. No matter your reason, use the resources of easyflipping.net to locate and buy a website that you need. You can filter your search criteria based on several factors such as listing type or number of visitors. Once you’ve located the site you want, place a bid to purchase it. You can ask questions of the seller and watch the site auction to ensure that you hang on to the site you were after. When the auction is over, contact the seller to arrange payment and transference of the site to you.

Buy and sell websites

buy and sell websites

With no listing or purchase fees, using easyflipping.net to buy and sell websites makes good economic sense. With a vast list of sites available to choose from, it makes good business sense. You don’t have time to hunt down every site you are looking for, or you want to see your site, but don’t know how to reach people who would buy it. Let the professionals at Easyflipping.net answer any questions you may have and help you get your site bought {or sold} in record time. Everyone loves one stop shopping – and we make it easy to use our site so you can buy/sell and then get back to your responsibilities.

Selling websites

selling websites

Once you’ve decided that you need to see your website, you’ll need to gather some information. The site and domain name, how long you’ve owned it {you DO own the site, right?} and how much you are asking for a purchase price. Choose the method of payment that you’re going to accept – electronic transfer, escrow, etc – and create some specific details about what your site offers. Think of it as a virtual real estate listing – you want to sell your space! Create an account at easyflipping.net and list your internet real estate! The best part? There is never a fee for listing or selling websites! Sweet!

Turnkey websites

Turnkey websites

Looking to establish a business over the internet? Turnkey websites are available for purchase! With a few simple clicks, you can be the master of your own domain and bring in some income without even breaking a sweat! Narrow your search to find a specific business type, or just scroll through the listings to see what catches your eye. Each listing shows the revenue of the site, plus page rankings, etc for the established site. Place a bid or use the buy it now feature to nail down the beginning of your internet kingdom. Purchasing an established website can give you instant access to customers who are already using the website. Check out easyflipping.net to see if there is a listing that is right for you.

Sell my website - website for sale

website for sale

If you are looking to your website for sale through easyflipping.net (and remember – there is NO fee for listing or selling through us), make sure that you have done your homework. Check out the buyer’s previous transaction history to determine if there is previous evidence of fraud or warnings. Once you have reached a purchase agreement, insist on using a moderated transaction service for the exchange of money. (A service like escrow.com would be perfect). Make sure you and the purchaser set up an agreement to transition the ownership, guaranteeing everyone’s safety. Do not release the website until after they have paid you!

Sell your website - buy website issues

buy website

I’m done with the internet…sell my website! Perhaps you’ve said or thought those words before. Sometimes you have some relatively good ideas, and then you just let them fizzle. Don’t just waste the cyber-space. Sell your website with some help from the folks at easyflipping.net. It’s a double bonus: extra cash and you can cross “sell the website” off your list of things to do. With no fees for listing or selling, you made a smart move in using easyflipping to buy website. As a destination website, people who come to easyflipping.net are looking for exactly what you’re selling: a location on the internet. Make sure your listing is there for them to find!

Buy websites and Flipping websites

buy websites

Contrary to the name, easyflipping.net, a majority of buyers and sellers are not flipping the names they purchase. They are using them or holding on to them to further develop their own business. Regardless of why you are buying or selling a website, we can put you in the eyesight of your target audience. Our listings reach people who are serious about purchasing web space, and have come looking for a listing just like yours! Make sure that your listing contains accurate information and that you respond quickly to any requests for information.
Trying to find information about buying and selling websites can be intimidating. There is just so much information available, and it’s hard to know which companies are reliable. Do your research – ask around to other business owners or internet users who may be familiar with the process – for recommendations. When you’re ready to get serious about selling or buying, log on to easylistings.com. Within no time, easylistings can have your site bought or sold and you can be on your way.